Online Baby Store


Australia’s demographic is changing . People are having babies at a record rate .

Babies are  big business .

For such a tiny being they require a vast quantity of material goods.

The infrastructure to support the baby is also mind boggling .

The wave of consumerism begins before baby arrives .

Both the Fertility and pre-natal business are massive growth industries .

Pre-natal issues can involve the mothers health , dietary requirements , exercise and nutrition , and maternity wear .

Dietary requirements can include a substantial makeover of the eating plan  , or be as simple as dietary supplements , such as ensuring adequate foliate is in the diet . It could be the provision of vitamin and iron supplements for Mum .

Exercise is also an essential part of life for a  healthy Mum and Baby . A gentle exercise program, specifically  aimed at expectant mothers, can be designed and followed throughout pregnancy and beyond . Some form of exercise is recommended , pre and post-natal whether it be a short walk , a swim or bike ride .

Now Mum feels good she needs to look good .
Clothing , pampering , hair , make-up ,nails , beauty and massage are all part of the package.

Maternity boutiques provide Mum with essential day and evening wear , and flatter Mum’s changing shape .

Pampering including hairdressing  , nail treatments , and beauty applications also treat , pamper and soothe an expectant Mum and Baby.

Massage is another area , where Mum can be calmed , relaxed and soothed with the application of massage oils , heated stones , and gentle relaxation techniques. All combine to produce subtle finishing touches for total relaxation , peace and harmony .

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