Baby Store Clothing


Your little person has a vast range of  clothing to choose from .

Never has a baby had so much choice in what they will wear , where and when .

It starts from pre – birth with the fitting out of the nursery .The designer label furnishings can include imported flocked Italian wallpaper , colourful wipe clean wall paint ,  and child safety proof furnishings .

It will extend to the Burberry bed linen , Laura Ashley  print curtains , pure wool floor furnishings and genuine , original artworks by famous Australian artists adorning the walls .

Now for the fun part of Mini-Me . A vast selection of designer wear is available from day one for the smallest person in your life.

A lot of the major clothing retailers are branching out into the baby ready – to – wear range .Why shouldn’t Junior , be stylishly yet comfortably dressed ? After all , in this decade of labels and slavish observance of well dressed role models, it follows that baby would also like to be well presented .

Despite practical considerations of waterproofing, and wearing natural , breathable fibres , babies like to turn heads . Whether stepping out for a quick trip to the Baby Health Care Centre , or a stroll down to the shops in the latest Dolce Gabbana fabric stroller , baby wants to look and feel good.

Designer dressing for  baby  , can be an investment that pays off , in the long term . Good quality garments , can be recycled for baby’s new sibling , other extended family or friends . Ultimately , they can be sold on at one of the increasingly popular , weekend baby markets .

Celebrities have been on the designer baby wear band wagon for some time . One only has to look at Kate Moss and her daughter Lila . Lila Moss , has  been well dressed by Mum in popular indie designer labels such as Cheap Monday. Is Lila , becoming a mini fashionista , in her own right ?.